We are all born with the ultimate pointing device, our fingers.

The Padrone ring magically gives your fingers the power to use your desk as a giant touchpad.

Want the most advanced AI at your fingertips, run on 8 parallel cores?
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The Padrone ring premiered at CES 2019 and has been been elected among the leading 12 startups!
See for example Forbes.com or Golem.de (in German) for a great video report.

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The ring starts at USD 259 and the very first, limited edition is expected to ship in 2024 to the family members of our newsletter.

latest news

April 23th, 2024

What’s happening at our preview sessions? Watch yourself, we hope you enjoy listening to Swiss German 😊 The cable and electronics atop the ring help in learning, but rest assured, they won’t be part of the final product. More preview sessions are coming soon for our newsletter subscribers.

April 4th, 2024

Wondering when the ring launches? Here's the scoop: Our newsletter family gets first dibs on a sneak peek of the ring:
Firstly, we pay close attention to their feedback – check out the video. It’s all in Swiss German, so buckle up for some linguistic excitement.
Plus, notice that cable? It's how we bring the ring's AI to the next level and meet your expectations precisely.
This meticulous fine-tuning is crucial and brings us closer to launch day! 🚀

Preview sessions on March 7th at Freiruum Zug, Switzerland

March 11th, 2024

Our first preview sessions at Freiruum in Zug were a hit! 11 ring lovers got an exclusive experience. Plus, we’re fine-tuning the ring based on their feedback. No worries—the cable is just for learning! Next sessions: Thursday in Zürich and more coming.
For those curious about our fruit game, play now at fruit. And yes, we will add a leaderboard at some point 😎