Why Padrone?

Padrone’s three founders have a deep interest in technology, but we’re even more intrigued by the beautiful things that enrich our lives. It is such a pity to see how current computers hold us back from creating great stuff. It is even harder for us because we sketched out a solution in 2012. It took us quite a while to understand that nobody followed the path we had in mind. So the only solution was to do it ourselves.

We believe that you are your best boss and it feels wonderful when the Ring enables you to boss around your creative ideas. Since 'Padrone' means boss or the warm patron of the family in Italian, a language spoken in Switzerland, we fell in love with Padrone as our company name.

Why the ring?

We don’t like computers; we’d rather see them as tools to serve the creativity and personality of their users. Our first edition of the ring is designed for explorers, for pioneers, for those who want to fly to the moon. We make every ring according to your preferences and customize them to your wishes, just like you would with jewelry.

This actually works?

Yes—but it took us a while. In 2014, we began working to develop the ring, but after three years, it seemed impossible to get it going. We stopped with a heavy heart and set up interviews at other companies. But on a hunch—and because we couldn’t quite let the idea go—we had some neural networks autonomously explore some new technological territory, and in February 2017, we found that the idea could work. Two days later, we were back in business with a working model!

Where are you?

Our home is Zug, in the heart of Switzerland. Marc has grown up here, Thomas in beautiful, tourist-beloved Luzern and Nicolas close to the watchmaking valley Vallée de Joux. Also most of our manufacturing partners happen to be in Switzerland, so we are proud to offer rings that are exclusively Swiss-made.

ok, and where do you see this going?

Well, we have lofty ideas. We’d love it if newlyweds started sporting rings from Padrone. We aren’t sure how long that’ll take to see, but hey, maybe when it’s your turn to walk down the aisle, you’ll consider it. :-)