Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is it relaxing for the fingers and hand?

Most people hold their hand in this position when they are relaxed. The wrist stays mostly on the same spot on the table and we can move the index finger very precisely in this position. It’s our natural way to move our fingers. If you have your fingers trained to move a mouse around, moving only your fingers should be as easy.

Does the ring have a positive impact on Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)?

We wish we could confirm this but frankly, we don't know and have not yet conducted any research.

Does my ring exactly look as shown in the pictures?

The color of the ring is black. However, colors appear differently on every screen. Additionally, the color can slightly change from production batch to batch. So we cannot guarantee the exact color. The form of the ring depends on the ring size and varies slightly.

When can I order?

We are working on it... when you sign up for the newsletter, you won't miss it.


Do I need to install anything?

No software installation is required, it works just like any mouse that uses Bluetooth low energy (also called Bluetooth smart). Most Mac and Windows computers support Bluetooth but you need to check your computer to be sure. Same applies to your Android smartphone.

Can you pair it to multiple computers? Ya know? One ring to control them all?

:D It uses Bluetooth low energy. As far as we know, it can only connect reliably to one computer at the time.

How does the ring measure the movements?

There are many sensors integrated into the ring. For example, a camera with a wide-angle lens follows your fingers.

Does it work on any desk?

As long as the surface is somewhat hard and it does not feature a very wild color pattern, it should work. The ring always needs a somewhat flat surface to work, so using the ring in air to advanced slides in a presentation does not work.

What is the water resistance rating?

It’s totally fine to wash your hands when wearing the ring. However, the ring does not officially have a rating such as IP67.

Battery life?

The fully-charged battery brings you through a typical work day.

Can I do...?

Can I type with the ring?

You can use your keyboard when wearing the ring, see answer above, but the ring does not yet support typing (give us some more time :-).

Can I use it for gaming?

It is very precise and great for office use, but real gamers want to stick to their dedicated mouse for now - their latency is for gaming champions.

Do I need more than one ring?

Nope, one ring covers it all. No need to wear several rings.

But the ring gets confused when typing on a keyboard?

Nope, when you move your hand briskly away from your virtual mouse pad, the ring pauses. Additionally, you can switch it off easily. Those two mechanisms ensure that you can combine typing easily with using the ring.

Can I wear the ring on any finger?

The ring needs to be worn on the index finger on your left or right hand. You can switch the ring from your left index finger to your right index finger and back to your left hand at any time.

Can I wear other rings?

Yes, but they should not touch your Padrone ring when using it as a mouse.

Left hand and right hand works?

Yes. The ring works on either hand.

Do you support gestures like waving?

We all know movies like Minority Report where Tom Cruise waves wildly in front of a huge screen. This looks very impressive and cinematic! In real life however, we can hold our hand in air for less than a minute (unless you are Iron Man). Additionally, we cannot make very precise movement in air compared to when the wrist rests on a table. And there are many more reasons why we do not support gestures in free air like waving.


Where do you ship from?

All rings are made in Switzerland. If your shipping address is in the US, we import your ring into US and deliver it then to your place. If your shipping address is in the European Union, we import your ring to Germany, pay custom and import tax for you and deliver it from Germany to any EU country.

I ordered several rings. Can I have my rings shipped to different addresses?

No, all rings will be shipped to a single address.