Get started

How to wear

- Always wear the Ring on your index finger, either on your right hand or your left hand.
- The connector of the charger points downwards and the glass points to the fingertip.
- Always slide your ring to the end of the finger, respectively as close as possible to your knuckle.
- Rotate the Ring until the head of the ring is perfectly in the center of your index finger.

Turn on

- Tab twice with your thumb on the tip of your index finger. The green light shines for 3 seconds. If the ring doesn't start, just double-tap again.
- The best position is the outer crease of your index finger, it's not at the tip or close to the ring
- When you turn on your ring the first time, the ring starts blinking. Your computer shows you a message where the Padrone Ring asks to connect. If you accept, you are all set. Otherwise, here are the steps to connect successfully to your computer.

Turn off

Rotate your wrist and change direction of rotation quickly. The green light shines for 1 second. If it doesn't turn off, just rotate again.

Move the mouse pointer

- As soon as the tip of your index finger touches the desk, the mouse pointer starts following your fingertip. When you lift again your fingertip, the mouse pointer stops moving.
- Rotate your hand around the wrist to go left/right.
- Move your index finger up- and down to go up/down. Moving your entire hand won't move the mouse pointer.

Best hand position

The ring works best when you keep your wrist stationary on the desk.

Left click

Tap with your index finger on the desk. Touch the desk for not too long. If your index finger and middle finger touch the desk at the same time, you start scrolling and any click is prevented.

Right click

Tap with your middle finger on the desk. If your index fingers rests on the desk, any click with your middle finger is ignored. This helps you prevent unintended clicks.
You cannot move the mouse pointer with your middle finger, only with your index finger.


Move your index finger and middle finger simultaneously up or down. Both fingers need to touch the desk at the same time and the tips should be close to each other.


- Move the mouse pointer to the thing you want to drag, for example a file. Then touch with your thumb your index finger at the outer crease (blue arrow), keep your thumb on the index finger and move the tip of the index finger to the new position.
- Getting the hang of dragging may take a bit of practice. But rest assured, you'll definitely boss your ring after a while. Additionally, here are some more tips.
- When your thumb touches the index finger, it's like you hold the left mouse button down. For example, it's a click when you touch shortly your index finger.

Pause over keyboard

When your hand moves over a keyboard, the ring pauses. As soon as you move your hand away from the keyboard again, the ring resumes.
When you stay a few minutes on your keyboard or don't use the ring actively, it turns off. Just keep in mind that you might need to reactivate the ring.

Pause mouse pointer

Everybody needs a break. This is when you want to make sure, the mouse pointer does not move for a moment. Some pull their fingers into a loose fist. Others prefer to put their hand on the side.


- Connect the charging cable with the round, magnetic connector to ring and plug the USB connector into your USB port at your laptop or any USB charger. The blinking light in the ring indicates the charging of the battery.
- Charging time is typically between 20-100 minutes depending on charge level at the beginning.
- As soon as the battery is full, the green light goes from blinking to shining permanently.
- Typically you charge the Ring daily, at least once a week is recommended.
- While charging, the Ring should not be used.

Battery indicator

Your computer can show the state of the battery in the ring. There are also many apps for your mobile that can show you the charging percentage of your Bluetooth device.


Keep the glass and the connector as clean as possible. Be aware that scratches on the glass might degrade the performance of the ring. Use a soft cloth for cleaning and rub gently.

Not too bright, not too dark

- The ring needs to see your finger and your desk and thus requires normal lighting conditions. When you can easily read something on paper, there is enough light for the ring.
- It will not work well when your room is somewhat dark. Just switch on your lights if it is too dark.
- Desks with e.g. a glass top, very dark color or marbled patterns might confuse the ring. You can test this using the ring on a white sheet of paper and compare to your desk top.
- The same goes with the bright sun shining directly into the glass of the ring. If you rotate your hand out of direct sunlight, you should be fine.

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