How it works

There is really no difference in using the touchpad of your laptop and using the ring of Padrone. The video shows that such a ring lets you work exactly like you had an unlimited touchpad on your desk. It works on a desk or on any somewhat hard surface. The ring is worn on the index finger of the left hand or right hand. The wrist stays mostly on the same spot on the table. Most people hold their hand in this position anyway when they are relaxed.

Move the mouse pointer

As soon as your index finger touches the table, the mouse pointer starts following your fingertip. When you lift again your fingertip, the mouse pointer stops moving.

Left click

Tap with your index finger on the table.

Right click

Tap with your middle finger on the table.


Move your index finger and middle finger simultaneously up or down.

Bluetooth low energy

The ring connects via Bluetooth to your computer, so no software installation required—just slide it on and connect to any Bluetooth-enabled PC, Mac, Windows tablet or Android device. Most computers have Bluetooth hardware nowadays. If you can connect any Bluetooth mouse to your computer, the ring works as well. This also means that you don’t need a USB port and latency is comparable to any Bluetooth mouse.